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Friday October 25th kl17.00 to Sunday October 27th kl15.00.

Min 6 people.


2000 kr including accommodation and meals.

Bread making

Sourdough Bread and Vegan Workshop

Chef/ Baker in love with Nature, Lau LOVES plants and all their uses. She started cooking 18 years ago in Argentina and also started traveling around the world searching for new flavours and adventures. Always following the path of breaking barriers in her mind and soul and trying to find a cohesive lifestyle, she moved to Sweden 3 years ago for continued learning.

During this weekend we are going to learn about some techniques of baking bread at home, sourdough, different types of flours and some ideas to combine our breads with Chantal's fabulous vegan cuisine.


Vegan cuisine

Chantal has worked in the arts for several years, including drama, film, and fine arts in Belgium and Sweden. Her creativity led her organically towards nature, where her philosophy of life and beauty could be expressed through permaculture and vegan cooking.


After various trainings in France and years of experience in the culinary world, she invites you this weekend to experiment with different vegan options to complement our marvellous breads. We will learn about and taste distinct oils, nuts and plants on our epicurean adventures in concocting terrines and pâtés in combination of Lauras and yours marvellous breads!

Chantal Canivet, Culinary artist

Laura Pinna, Baker and Chef

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